Accounting Software

Accounting Software

We work primarily with MYOB. MYOB was developed with a primary purpose in mind: “providing people with the tools to run a great business, so that they can focus on the important business of doing what they do best”. MYOB is a tool that integrates perfectly with the Masa Angka philosophy.

MYOB is widely known in Indonesia, extremely user friendly and easy to learn.
This affordable accounting software offers more than enough tools and functions to cover the needs of most organizations.

Clients and suppliers data can be stored, while purchases and sales are handled via Sub ledgers. This system guarantees easy Control over incoming and outgoing payments.
Another important feature of MYOB is Inventory control, which can be extremely useful, especially for Companies who buy and sell Items, or for the control of food and beverage items.

Last but not least, MYOB can also deal in as many Currencies as needed.

Although we do not sell MYOB directly, we assist our clients in finding the right Version, and we put them in contact with the supplier.

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